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Bespoke laundry  solutions

Bespoke laundry solutions

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Leasing and rentals available

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Responsive service guaranteed

BF004 Steam boiler with iron "Maxi Vapor"

BF004 Steam boiler with iron "Maxi Vapor"

Key Features

  • Steam generator with 3.5 ltr boiler
  • Knob for adjusting the flow of steam
  • Professional heavy iron
  • Water level site glass
  • Pressure gauge
  • Steam-ready indicator lamp
  • Heat-proof resting mat
  • Boiler and iron on/off switch
BF004 Steam boiler with iron

1 Year Parts Only

BF004 Steam boiler with iron "Maxi Vapor"

Product Overview

Regularly used by curtain makers and tailors, the Bieffe 004 Maxi Vapor is perfect for both home and professional use, promising to complete the daunting task of ironing faster, with better results.

The dry heating elements on this copper boiler prevents it from wearing out, and at the same time saves electricity by keeping recovery times to a minimum.

Devices such as a thermostat, pressurestat and maximum pressure valve guarantee maximum safety by automatically controlling the correct functioning of all appliances. The glass gauge is also a great feature to help you keep an eye on the water level so you know how much ironing time you have remaining.


Aventus Laundry Equipment

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