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Aventus Laundry Equipment

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Aventus Laundry Equipment

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Bespoke laundry  solutions

Bespoke laundry solutions

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Leasing and rentals available

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Full warranty promise

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Primus FX Range 12kg-28kg High Spin

Primus FX Range Video

Primus FX Range 12kg-28kg High Spin

Key Features

  • Freestanding, high spin
  • Stainless steel drum and tub
  • Xcontrol - easy to use microprocessor
  • Patented Soap Hopper
  • Large drain valve (Ø 76 mm)
  • Easy access to all vital parts from the front
  • Large door opening for easy loading & unloading
  • Stainless steel & Anthracite grey Panels
Primus FX Range 12kg-28kg High Spin warranty

28kg Maximum capacity

Primus FX Range 12kg-28kg High Spin warranty

1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty

Primus FX Range 12kg-28kg High Spin

Product Overview

FX Range
Rigid mount, standard spin washers. Our WRAS approved FX  range of robust, reliable and easy to use washing machines have a multitude of features including; flexible wash programmes, ultra Balance technology, energy efficient, reduced water consumption, advanced microprocessor and a large door.

PRIMUS introduces the unique CASCADETM DRUM
■ Despite the 400 G extraction of water, the linen does not stick to the drum – which simplifies unloading.
■ Thanks to the CASCADETM concept, there are more perforations in the drum over the same surface
– so water extraction is much more efficient.
■ The design of the bulges causes even more water to be extracted – so the percentage of humidity after extraction is extremely low.
■ The CASCADETM shape of the drum holes provides extra mechanical action that produces in an even better washing result.

Product Specification

■ Xcontrol Plus – Fully programmable
■ Coin operated timer (CPS)
■ Stainless steel front and side panels
■ USB plug (on the back panel)
■ Easy Soap – liquid soaps connection
■ Liquid soap pumps
■ Water recovery kit
■ Steam heating version
■ 3rd water inlet

Aventus Laundry Equipment

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